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20 Tips to Become a Better Blog Writer | %%Riserr Blog%% makes perfect. In blog writing, we need to make sure we're staying on top of our craft. Practice these 5 things to become a better blog writer. January 16, at am. In that, my position is somewhat stubbornly Zen: if the action is too forced or contrived, the blog may be doomed from the start. When you write down your ideas, you automatically focus your full attention on them. Short books are your ticket to branding, expert status, customers and clients, and cash!

5 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Book-Writing Machine

July 25, at am. I think where I may initially begin may be totally different once I find a good niche…. Whenever you make an appearance on another site, always promote the interview on your own social networks and create a permanent link to it from your own website. July 22, at am. I dont do it truthfully but I believe I have to now. Where the difficulty lies: Lots of literary citizenship activity exists online, in many forms. Please log in again. After about two years of consistency, I reached about 60, visits per month. You can write about the research, news stories, or current events that play a role in the construction of your books or other work. Having an outline before you write helps you do that, though. This post was all about storytelling. The best point I liked reading here is about the going through the checklist. Popular Fiction. They could be your new investor. I genuinely feel like an idea machine. With nonfiction authors, the opposite is the case: blogging can help build a platform that leads to a book deal. Will you approve every comment before it goes live? Short Short Story. In fact, you can write your book on your blog. We keep you focused on what matters. Maybe you already published a series of posts—or many posts related in some way. I decided that the idea of putting something on my Etsy shop would give people a simple way to do it. If you're a writer, then the answer is obvious. But in this day and age, more and more writers are turning to a more accessible platform: Blogging. Of course.

Become a Blog Author! - 5 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Book-Writing Machine - Writer's Digest

Thanks for visiting The Writer's Dig blog. Writing is an instrument. To them, a successful blog represents a thoroughly test-marketed book idea, as close to a sure bet as they can get when they decide to invest in a new author. If your blog has a sidebar, you might want to spruce it up with a few widgets, aka small boxes with different functions. Sometimes your writing life needs a pick-me-up. Creative Writing Prompts. This ties back into self-editing, too. You get better from practice. Social media icons Make it easy for your readers to follow you on social media by including links to your profiles in the sidebar. Her blog is geared toward writers, but she gives some great advice here about getting started blogging that just about anyone with a blog could find […]. Joseph George. To be a good blog writer, though, you have to eliminate that fear. Read a lot and read diversely. Stories pull people in and help dispel doubt. The only things I would add is to encourage people starting out to try free versions of more than one host to get a sense of how each works and which interface they feel most comfortable with. Would that be a fair assumption? I told you earlier that reading is my 1 priority as a blogger. Reread it again. Wix is a lot easier to use than WordPress, in my opinion. Key benefits: If you already teach writing or mentor other writers, you probably have some content you can re-purpose to fuel your early blog posts. Your email address will not be published. Lata Sunil says:.

How to Start Blogging: A Definitive Guide for Authors

Therese says:. I started my blog career with blogger platform but immediately shifted to WordPress. The only things I would add is to encourage people starting out to try free versions of more than one host to get a sense of how each works and which interface they feel most comfortable with. I will actually set a goal to get better by the end of June So stop complaining about not having time to write. What search words bring people to your site? On the web and in real life, there are too many questions with too few answers. It helps you be clear, concise, and hit all the goals your piece of writing needs to. Speak Your Mind Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. July 25, at am. December Trish O'Connor says:. Page Contents. Interspire Website Publisher, Bigcommerce, and other platforms. If you are like most writers I know, you struggle to find time to write, especially if you are trying to build author platform. Blog content should be organized into different categories that are of high interest to your audience. Make it a habit and keep doing it consistently by installing a note-taking app, like Evernote, on your mobile device. Tal says:. Comments Writing Techniques. Inline Feedbacks. Within 3 months, he quit his job, sold everything he owned and then disappeared. Robert Lee Brewer. You grow from practice. But do you know why you like to read it?

5 Ways to Go From Blogger to Published Book Author : Social Media Examiner

Sanket sawant says:. Sometimes, cornerstone content might be a manifesto or download in PDF form. July 25, at am. I decided that the idea of putting something on my Etsy shop would give people a simple way to do it. Your readers, as they advance, may also outgrow your blog. Chris Guillebeau is well-known for Days to Overnight Success that drew thousands if not millions to learn about his blog and his message. Business of Writing. If you want to book your blog, follow these five steps:. Make this easy by categorizing the posts correctly and making the categories visible with posts. Filed Under: Blogging. They can blog books or book blogs and become authors as well as bloggers. Image source: iStockPhoto. There are five ways you can use your. If You Can use Fewer words, do it.

Your blog represents the cornerstone of your author-platform-building effort. But, if you follow my tips, you can start producing engaging content in as little as 30 days. It basically means celebrating and bringing attention to authors, writing, and books—the things you presumably love and want to support. To blog a short book, brainstorm a series of ten to 30 posts. Almost nothing we think and say and do is based on logic. Jenni C says:. Thank you so much for all the useful tips. I see your main website is self-hosted through WordPress. For this reason, many aspiring and published authors consider giving up their blogs. From the Winners. Let someone else read your work, and ask them for feedback. You may have to do some work in coming up with an angle or voice that stands out. Jane Friedman. Since How to Blog a Book is both a book and a blog now, this box, which appears on the blog, directs readers to the table of contents for the blogged book. December 30, at pm.

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